John Howard Cassettes

Although I’ve never been a huge house guy, I have a place in my heart for ALL the John Howard mixes I’ve received over time.  I think the first one I received was from KLN or Mappy back in 1995.  I recently rediscovered them and converted them to mp3s.  Please help yourself to some great tunes and “big up” to all the homies who hooked me up with these tapes over the years.  A super huge “BIG UP” to John himself for the selections, mixing, and general kindness over the years.

Numero Uno
Below Low
Live in Dallas
Live at Sunset
Live at The Jungle
Live at Pure Space
One Sunday Morning (side B)
One Sunday Morning (side A)
The Sound Experience
Live and Boomin’ at Together
At Most Master & Not Live but Weird As Usual

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