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Dining Room Breaks Revisited

Here’s another mix I revisited that was once a staple in many a friends’ collection of CDs.  Perfect for an afternoon of cleaning out the closet, reading coffee table books, strolling through the park or eating a pot roast like these folks…enjoy! Download Playlist forthcoming… Read more →

Wino Breaks Revisited

A long time ago I made a mix called “Wino Breaks” that was fairly well-received.  Given my collection, selection, and deejay skills have improved since I felt it was fitting to revisit the vibe of mix.  Great for a bike ride, skatepark jaunt, peppy sunday drive, folding laundry or cooking with wine…enjoy! Download Playlist forthcoming… Read more →

So Much More Heart Than Brains

I put together a mix some favorites from their two albums in honor of a much overlooked duo (i.e., Buck65 & Greetings from Tuskan).  Although their first album on Anticon may be quite difficult to find these days, I highly recommend their newest album “So Much Forever” on Fake Four. Download Read more →

Day In, Day Out – A DJ Day compilation (pt. 2)

Shortly after I made “All Day Long”, DJ Day put out his sophomore album on the Piecelock 70 label.  Needless to say, I had to revisit and tweak the original mix to not only tighten it up, but also include tracks from his banging new album.  So without further “adu”, please take a listen and give support the man who… Read more →

Go Ahead Buck!

After a recent concert to see Buck 65 at Mezzanine in San Francisco I was reminded of what a clever cat he was.  It was inspiring to see a Canuck mix jazz, blues, funk, folk, etc. and make it sound hip hop.  His musical craft is quite inspiring and I took it upon myself to mix a hodgepodge of his tunes… Read more →

Music to Drive to…

I’ve always liked driving to “house” music.  There’s just something about a continuous flow of 120ish tunes that keep me going in the car.  This fact, and that recently a good friend has turned me back onto this genre, motivated me to make this mix.  Nothing fancy…but some old and new tracks that remind me of my college days driving… Read more →

Gimme Another Break

I’ve been thinking about making this mix for a while and finally got around to it over “ski week break” in February.  It’s an uptempo mix filled with big drums, organic sounds, and silly vocals.  In general it encapsulates some of my favorites artists like DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist, DJ Format, DJ Day, Jon Kennedy, Quantic, Wagon Christ (aka… Read more →